Wood For Your Good, From The Woods


A room without books is like a body without soul. Similarly a house without furniture is like a person without a name. Yes, like how a house cannot be called a living area without people, it can also be not formed or called a house without furniture. Furniture and fittings play a very important role in a house. This might sound crazy, but if you take a keen look at each and every activity of your everyday life, you will realize how and what important roles a table or a chair has to play. Again it is not just the tables and chairs but you have so many different varieties in furniture and each one is designed to serve a particular purpose. Some of them are designed and structured to serve more than one purpose too.


These furniture are made from different materials like wood, steel and glass and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. When you take the plastic furniture, they are comparatively cheaper than the other two categories and hence they reach the needs of the low class and middle class people. But one big advantage is they durability. Plastic is something that cannot stand a hard hit and hence there are all possibilities of it breaking or getting damaged.


Again these materials cannot be mended for any repair work and it will call for a complete change of the piece. And another demerit with plastic furniture is that you cannot expect more designs or models in them though there are different colors available in them to match your requirements. Thirdly, over a period of time, they start emitting harmful gases into the air which might be a great threat to the healthy living of the inmates of the house. For people who are not very particular about how they ornament the house, these plastics will do for their needs.


Now, when we talk about the furniture and fittings made of glass, the first thing that hits our mind is their handling and maintenance. They are very delicate and need to be handled with utmost care with Danetti. It is just not ideal for a house that has kids because they are easily prone to damages and breakages. It is not about the glass breaking but about the harm that might be caused to the little children. Again cleaning them is also a tedious job.


If you have a glass table or side table in your house, you must see to that they do not have any scratches or scrapes which might spoil the look of the furniture piece. But one great advantage of having them at home is the beauty and elegance they promise to offer to your living space. Yes, glass fittings decorate your houses well and since you have different colors here, you can match it to suit all your peculiar and special needs.


Now when you take a closer look at the above two materials, it is very evident that more than the merits they offer, it is the disadvantages that comes to the forefront. So how and what is it that can set this right? Here is the answer. Go for wooden furniture for they have variety and are also very safe. Wood is from Mother Nature and hence you can be sure of the quality and safety they might bring home along with them. Of course this might not suit all pockets because generally these wooden pieces of furniture are a little high on the price scale and you can spot these only in the houses of the rich and upper middle class.


But a small piece of this like a writing desk, a side table or a cupboard is definitely to be seen in every house. A very important advantage of using wooden furniture is that they ensure the safety of the house members by emitting useful gases. Again they act as natural repellants and fighters of the very common bacteria and fungus who attack each and every house without discrimination. It is safe for the kids too for they do not come with sharp edges or sharp protruding pieces. Even if there is damage, it can be set right with a small rework and hence they promise to come with us for a long time adding beauty to the house.







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